About Me

aboutmeMy first foray into metal was at the tender age of 8 when I convinced my cousin to let me have his copy of Iron Maiden’s behemoth live album ‘Live After Death’ simply on the basis that the cover looked cool (it does, Google it….) and so began a 25 year odyssey that has along its way incorporated rap, hip hop, prog, jazz, classical, musicals, grunge, dance and cake. Also in the mid-90s I dallied with nail varnish and a wallet on a chain. Sorry.

Thanks to a tweet, I was drawn to Echoes and Dust site and its need for reviewers and thankfully Dan (Editor) and Sander (Metal Editor) felt I was good enough to contribute….. well that and the compromising photos I have of them as well. That lead to this blog here as I want to attempt to try and expand my writing and needed a home for this expansion.

I don’t do Facebook (I avoided people I didn’t like in school when I was actually IN school. Why would I want the chance to “reconnect” with them years later?!?!).

I was also in a band for 10 years. I intend to recount this tale (in some detail) at some point. You poor bastards…..

That’s it for now, so off you pop.


Agree? Disagree? Apathetic? Let me know!

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